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About us

Marine Sustainature Limited is a pioneer making use of underwater-drones and computer vision AI technology to ensure the sustainability in marine. ​We are principally engaged in the application of different deep technologies including computer vision artificial intelligence (“AI”), data science, software engineering to provide solutions and services in marine conservation, biodiversity protection, marine facility and infrastructure survey as well as water quality monitoring and control. This includes but not limited to marine species monitoring, real time water quality monitoring and marine data analytics etc. in Hong Kong and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.
Our Background
Image by NASA

Marine Sustainature Limited is formed by Allied Sustainability and Environmental Consultants Group Limited (AEC Group, Stock Code: 8320) and Luk Advisor Limited. AEC Group is specialized in sustainability and environmental consultancy, with an extensive portfolio spanning Hong Kong, mainland China and the Asia Pacific region. Luk Advisor Limited is an AI startup with a focus in data analytics and artificial intelligence. They have a business footprint in Hong Kong and mainland China. We hope that by forming Marine Sustainature together, we can leverage our expertise to make use of AI and data analytics to tackle sustainability issues in marine.

Our Goal and Plan
Image by Mohamed Ahsan

Being the pioneer and leader in the field of AI applications in marine within APAC region has always been our goal. We aims to produce our first smart underwater drones monitoring water quality before the end of 2022. 

Our Team and Expertise
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Our team is composed of a group of diverse talents from environmental, marine science and artificial intelligence. Our team comes from a wide range of professional backgrounds with numerous international awards in their corresponding fields. 

We are supported by State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution from City University of Hong Kong with Dr. Leo Lai Chan as our advisor.

Our Values
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Innovate for the good of marine sustainability has been our core value establishing this company. We hope that our AI technologies and environmental sustainability domain expertise can bring a better marine environment to the world. 

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